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Seeds of Opportunity

Every day that I walk into the Mission Family Resource Center, I am welcomed with smiles and greetings. This small act of kindness planted the seed in me to lead every day with joy. I am reminded that any action, big or small, is a seed. By also providing an open heart to our clients struggling with homelessness, food scarcity, financial challenges, or domestic violence, we are able to plant seeds of hope.

At my placement site, it is encouraged to be creative and start your own projects. My coworkers planted a seed that I am capable and trusted enough to start my own project. So, I jumped in. I now run my own children’s activities class. My children’s class has highlighted the influence of what we do and say, and that what we are today will bear fruit in the lives of others.

The experiences offered to me have helped me understand what the fight for equity in health care actually looks like. By listening, I have gained the seed of knowledge. And the knowledge granted to me by coworkers, clients, and various experiences is my seed for change.


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