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Seeds of Gratitude

By being surrounded by my community, it has helped me strengthen my faith in God, and it has made me realize the value of and my desire to be surrounded by a community in the future that I can discuss my faith with.

An additional seed that was planted in me was being able to witness the wonderful passion of service that staff and volunteers have at The HUB Resource Center. I aspired from the moment that I began my first day there to always serve with a kind spirit. I have loved the opportunity to grow alongside each of the amazing staff and volunteers that I have come to know, but also to flourish alongside the patrons that have been sprouting in their own gardens of growth.

While my seeds continue to prosper day by day, I want to take a moment to reflect upon those that I have the honor to have been able to plant seeds in too. It is extremely moving for me to think of the number of volunteers that I have had the blessing to train and oversee to serve the unhoused population on site. I also am grateful to reflect on each of the patrons that I have had the privilege to serve, know by names, and to learn many of their stories along the way. I aspire to continue to plant seeds in others, which will lead to sowing seeds in their lives too.


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