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I AM: A Reflection on the Eucharistic Congress

The Eucharistic Congress I AM was a valuable opportunity to experience an encounter with the Eucharistic Jesus and to connect with other people who feel His love. It was a moment to understand the depth of His love for us and His complete self-giving. He loved us so much that He chose to remain in the simplest form, a piece of bread, to live within us.

In each conference, I could learn more about the sacred body of Jesus. It was a deep feeling, knowing that we have God among us, and it ignited a strong desire in me to share the truth with all people. Jesus is with us, waiting for us in the Blessed Sacrament, giving Himself in every Eucharist. It is the greatest mystery of our faith, and even greater is the feeling of His embrace when we see Him, when we acknowledge His greatness in the simplicity of the bread.

The Eucharistic Congress with Jesus was a deeper invitation to love the Eucharist more each day and to contemplate Jesus as the greatest daily miracle of love. Out of love for the world, out of love for you, out of love for me, live this love miracle, like nourishment for your soul.

-Karina, St. Joseph Worker, 2023/24


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